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We have so much passion about web design that helps people achieve their goals that we couldn’t possibly fit it all into one website, so we won’t try! We have been working for over a decade to create a process that makes building a website simple, hassle and stress free, cost effective and solid! Our websites are built to the highest standard. A conversation with your business or organisation allows us to see what you need, and we can use our experience to guide you in the right direction, without the need to condescend in the manner that I.T professionals have become famous for. At our core we are Digitally Sound!

You won’t see any pricing on this page because pricing a website is a bespoke scenario 100% of the time. To allow us to give you an accurate quote we have created a simple quotation form on our contact page, so feel free to fill that out and we can send you a completely zero obligation quote. The less pressure on you, the more productive your website will be.

Why Choose Digitally Sound to build your website

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Why Choose Digitally Sound to build your website

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  • Experience

    We have it down to a fine art

    We have been building websites since 2010 which means we’ve seen it all. With over 2000 websites under our belt you are in safe hands.

  • Helpful

    We care about your vision

    One of the main reasons our business works is because we genuinely want to decipher the internet for your business, and help you achieve the website that you want & need.

  • Realisitic

    We don’t lie to secure a job

    We create realistic timelines that allow you to meet your deadlines and keep others in your organisation happy. It’s in everybody’s interest that your website is built efficiently without compromising on quality.

  • Responsive

    Looking good across the board

    This goes without saying, but your website will respond to whatever screen it’s being displayed on. Mobile site visitors will see the mobile version of the site, and those on their laptops will see the larger version of the website.

  • Secure

    Encrypted and Backed Up

    We secure every website we build to prevent any of your information or your clients/customers details being stolen. We also offer free backups as part of every website we build, which is pretty sound!

  • Sound

    We are nice to deal with

    We speak to you as a human being and deal with your needs with patience and understanding. Also the price doesn’t rise if you change you mind on the small stuff, why would we charge more for the same outcome?

Web Design Features

Below are some of the features we could include on your website.

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Web Design Features

Below are some of the features we could include on your website.

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  • Portfolio

    Showcase your work

    One of the fundamental functions of a website is to show off what you can offer the world. From Photographers to Construction Companies to Authors to Life Coaches to other Digital Agencies. We have done it all!

  • Online Shopping

    Selling online is big business!

    No matter what you are selling we can build a complete E-Commerce system, from your customer’s first impression, to them reviewing their positive experience with your online store.

  • Restaurant Bookings

    Let your website fill your tables!

    We can help integrate your restaurant booking system into your new, or old, website. Or we could build a bespoke system for you!

  • Customer Service

    Let your website deal with your clients

    We can integrate your customer service department into your website by providing a point of contact for your clients. From something as simple as a contact form, to something as elaborate as a full members website with different levels of access. The world is your oyster!

  • Online Payments

    Securely Accept Money Online

    Sometimes you might want to simply add payments to your website, to charge for membership fees or to unlock your articles. We can help harness the power of all your hard work.

  • Appointment Bookings

    Automatiic Scheduling

    Allow your website to integrate with your diary to manage your time in the most efficient way possible.

  • Warehouse Automation

    Never miss an order again

    Automating your online shop to send order information from your website to your warehouse team is a step you never knew you needed!

  • Tours

    Life is all about experiences

    Brewery Tours, Wellness Retreats, Food and Drink Tastings, Conference Seminars, Art Classes. They can all be sold online and we can make it happen!

  • Social Media

    Harness the power of your followers

    Social media without stats is just a hobby. Allow us to integrate your Facebook ,Instagram, YouTube etc. into your website to help monitor how people interact with your business.

And many many more!

If you’d like to have a friendly chat about your new website feel free to contact us