In need of a Kickstart?

We can take you under our wing until you can fly solo!

It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you need help getting kick-started on your new business idea, or you want to bring your business online, but don’t know where to start. Let Digitally Sound do the digital heavy lifting for you. We can get you set up with a website and social media presence in the click of a button, well maybe a few buttons. We will get you up and running, then once you’re comfortable online, we can hand you back the reigns to carry on with your digital journey. We are here to help.

What’s Included in Online Kickstart?

Click on an icon below for more info:

What’s Included in Online Kickstart?

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  • A New Website

    It shouldn’t be a source of stress

    We will build you a website that can showcase your business or organisation online. Simple when you know how!

  • Social Media Setup

    Spread the word!

    We will have a chat with you to help decide which social media channels that would suit you best and then set them up for you!

  • Emails

    Officially ready to rock!

    Emails in your companies name that allows you to contact your clients under you business name.

  • Sell Online

    Making money without meeting people

    If you would like to sell products online we can set you up with a complete E-Commerce platform too.

  • Social Media Stats

    The difference between success and failure

    We will show you how to read your stats and target the correct audience.

  • Training

    We will give you the tools

    If you want to be self sufficient, we can show you how.

Pricing for our Online Kickstart package is simple:

 Kickstart 1

  • Custom Built Website

  • Social Media Profile Setup

  • Company Emails

  • Training


Regular Price €750

Kickstart 2

  • Custom Built Website

  • Online Store

  • Social Media Profile Setup

  • Company Emails

  • Training


Regular Price €1500

In the interest of complete transparency, we will assess your application to ensure it meets the simple guidelines we have for a Kickstart website, rather than a full website build.

If you’d like to have a friendly chat about kick starting your business feel free to contact us