Who or What is Digitally Sound?

The word ‘Sound’ has many meanings and we have built our business on two of them…

  1. Sound: To be secure, safe, reliable and competent
  2. Sound: To be approachable, easy to talk to, helpful and friendly

Over the past decade we have refined our web design, social media and training services to reflect the ‘Sound’ concept.

We build solid, reliable platforms for your business to grow in a manner that allows you to feel free to get involved in the process and bring your vision to life.

Mission Statement

We exist because we truly believe in helping people make their digital business dreams a reality. We’re tired of hearing stories about poorly managed websites and want to make sure people get value for money with less jargon and an overall sounder approach.

Why We Exist?!?

Unfortunately, coding and I.T programming is a very logical process which has led to a huge amount of logical minds working in the industry. Those minds are not often very personable or helpful and this can lead to a digital project becoming hard work for the customer. This is the opposite of what any organisation should be aiming for as provider or a customer!

We have taken over so many websites over the past 12 years (approximately 100!!) from companies who simply don’t want to help their clients once the main website build is completed.

We have also worked on 2000 websites through building, consulting, upgrading and maintaining.

Keep Reading!

Have you or someone you know ever had any of these issues:

  • ‘I had a website built and I like the website but the people who built it are really hard to contact and when I do get in touch with them it costs €500 to update some text on my website’
  • ‘I wasn’t getting the website I asked for so the price went up’
  • ‘I am scared to contact the people who built my website because it seems like a lot of trouble to update my site’
  • ‘My website looks great but it just doesn’t work’
  • ‘I asked for something simple and was told that can’t be done’

The above quotes are why Digitally Sound exists!

Our Values

We want to be the new approach to digital media. We aim to be transparent, helpful, professional, creative and above all else, sound

  • Transparency

    We will never hide anything from you during a project. If something drifts outside of the agreed pricing or service agreement, we will speak to you before continuing any further.

  • Helpful

    We will always try to help you create the best scenario possible. If you don’t understand something we will happily explain.

  • Professional

    We will never act erratically or in a manner that is anything but what you would expect from a friendly helpful service provider.

  • Creative

    We will work around your brand and explore all creative options to allow your project to reflect your business in the best way possible.

  • Sound

    We will make you feel welcome and involved in your project, and show an interest in you and your business, to allow you to feel comfortable and to achieve your goals!

Sorry if that was long winded!

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